Haunt at the showgrounds 2018

Thank you for screaming with us, Santa Barbara.

Experience the heart-pounding 2 night haunted-house style attractions, consisting of 3 separate, frightful haunts. We will see you in 2019!

The Tunnel of Terror
Walking into the unknown, sounds fun - right?
The Hall of Darkness
Dare you to walk down it alone...
The Barn
Think of a normal barn, just not one you want to be in...
Haunt at the Showgrounds 2018

Check back for more details

Bring your friends to give yourself a better chance of making it out of the Haunted showgrounds. Recommended for Ages 13 & up - unless accompanied by an adult. As 2019 gets closer, make sure you check back on this page for up to date information about the Haunt 2019!

There are 2 ticket options:
$8 General Admission | 1 Haunt - A General Admission ticket allows one person entrance to one "Haunt" attraction.
$20 Haunt Pack | All 3 Haunts - The Haunt Pack consists of 3 tickets - each ticket allows one person entrance to one "Haunt" attraction.

Best not come alone. Think you're ready?
We will see you in October, 2019!